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The path of courage and love is the path to be walked and it often requires the enlivenment of the heart to embark on that journey. The mission of Enliven is to guide you towards the enlivenment of your heart and to empower you with the fortitude that it takes to confront and overcome the obstacles and resistance that are preventing you from walking that path.

In leading you on your journey, Saharu Oda draws inspiration from her extensive yoga training and education, her bicultural background, her experience in dealing with her own life challenges, and a deep trust in the magic of the Universe. She is equipped with a set of methods, tools, and perspectives that are inclusive, expansive and compassionate. Through yoga, energy healings, shadow work, meditation, and contemplation, Saharu will guide you on a journey into your inner galaxy to enliven your heart and rediscover a love-centered life full of boundless opportunities!

Saharu is an E-200RYT and KRI Level 1 with over 1000 hours of yoga education and trainings. She is also trained in healing modalities such as Pranic Healing with Master Co in 2013 and Sat Nam Rasayan with Mahan Kirn in 2019. 

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